Your health is
in your hand

Little changes, big results,
lasting effects

A functional doctor in your hand

Vitapp recommendations are smart-tailored to
your personal settings, conditions and health needs

Learn better habits, better health

Discover your personalized plan. Vitapp offers guides and recommendations for 52 diseases and 54 symptoms

Evidence-based recommendations

Based in Functional Medecine precepts. Vitapp uses tested strategies so every person gets better since day one

Vitapp's recommendations and protocols were designed
to solve those cell imbalances causing

Vitapp is a way of life that helps you to improve:


A personalized food guide: you'll know what to eat and what to avoid


Diagrams teaching how to train in your house (all ages!)

Emotional State

Amazing content to teach yourself to get better habits and apply them everyday

Your conditions

Content designed to treat deeply every symptom and disease you report

Sleep and stress

Vitapp also delivers natural nutraceutics treatments

Toxicity management

A life without toxicity is a better life

Cellular disfunctions

Protocols for restoring the balance of 7 cellular functions

A guide for everyone with great results

More vitality and energy
Improve their nutrition
Lose weight
Increase physical activity

Our users change their
habits because:


To lead a better life, eating habits and much more


New things they didn't know before about themselves, their habits, and new strategies for care


They come to transform their plate of food, their way of eating, sleeping and their habits


Their discomforts, symptoms and diseases with their daily habits and nutrition

Vitapp guides you step by step and without pressure. You will make changes
at your own pace to achieve sustainable results over time

Take control of your health in your hands

You are 2 minutes away from discovering your customized plan
Follow the recommendations and live the change

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Nos preguntan mucho sobre cómo llevar una alimentación sana. Aunque varía dependiendo de cada persona, vale la pena comenzar siguiendo estas recomendaciones

En todas las culturas se combate la gripa con remedios caseros. Una revisión detallada de estos nos permitió elaborar una lista de los más efectivos

Las investigaciones demuestran que un mal sueño tiene grandes efectos negativos sobre nuestra salud, generando problemas hormonales